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Bleedin’ Nora!!

January 8, 2010

That’s a new exclamation I am trying out at the moment, not a reference to an aged female resident infamous for her gaping wounds. ‘Why are you using that exclamation?’ You ask, trying to steer your mind away from the mental image of a haemorrhaging old lady.  Well if you’ll stop rabbiting on about this sore ridden old hag (she has sores now) then I might just be able to get a word or more in edgeways about the whole point of this post.

Mostly it’s just that I’m excited about this new website dedicated purely to Future Wheel and comedy of all sorts. It truly is an exciting concept and a new place for me to chunder my guts online.

Hip hip… Yeah!

Hope you enjoy everything on here and stop thinking of that weird old woman who’s bleeding all over the place.


Future Wheel Have a Website…

January 5, 2010

… Well a blog anyway, but we’re making it look like a website, by adding pages at the top it should be less blog like and more websiteian and low and behold we’ve already added some.

Now you can look at all our sketches on one page by clicking on the sketches tab! Also you can read the about page that is yet to be edited from the generic WordPress template.*

So what are you waiting for run, run out into the streets naked and exclaim piously while ringing a bell for all within earshot to hark! For Future Wheel now have a website.

Stay tuned for more stuff soon.

*If said about page has been edited to a more Future Wheel orientated content upon reading this ignore or imagine what it would have been like. The choice is yours.