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Who Are Future Wheel?

Brilliant question heading, i’m glad you asked. Future Wheel are two men that have decided to do some comedy. So far they have made a number of sketches and uploaded them to Funny or Die UK. More specifically they are called Alexander Holland and Stuart Almond. Stuart is the suave looking, blue Spider-Man T-Shirt wearing, Toadfish from Neighbors Look-a-like.  While Alex is the cheeky looking swine who looks like a cross between David Walliams and this recognisable but easy to forget the name of actor.

Recently they won one of these:

It was for a sketch show that they made with two other fellows, who are not allowed to be named for legal reasons. Since winning the success has gone completely to their heads, Alex can now been seen around Norwich demanding that people sacrifice their coats so that he doesn’t have to walk on the pavement. While Stuart can be found in Solihull where he has used the little money he has to hire a man to say whatever he writes down as he now feels that no one is worthy enough to hear his voice.

Future Wheel plan to do more funny things for you in the coming years. One of those things might be a podcast, another could be some funny drawings. How will you know for sure? There’s only one way, you’ll just have to keep refreshing this web page until it happens.

One thing you can count on though, is more sketches.

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