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A double edged sword scenario.

January 8, 2010

In a much anticipated move, the about section has been updated. This change however is not without consequence. Undoubtedly this is good news for the integrity of the website as a whole and for any of you who were eager to finally put to bed the mystery of this ‘future Wheel’ stuff you’ve been hearing everyone talking about.

However as lady change is not without a sense of ruthlessness, there are repercussions. The joke that I made in my very first post about an un-edited about section will now be lost on anyone that hadn’t come to the Future Wheel website before this post. A shame I know.

However, to those of you did manage to experience¬† the joke in it’s full glory, we now share something rare and wonderful. Imagine, if you will, we are at a party. We can talk of the about section joke and how good it made us feel, then another party-goer might saunter over to get in on what seems to be a conversation that only a fool wouldn’t want to be a part of. The party-goer will ask anxiously, “What are you guys talking about?” and then one of us can inform him that we are talking about the much fabled about section joke. His expression will then change from that of a happy man to a much more morose projection of feeling. “Oh.” he will begin ” I hadn’t discovered the website by then.” Then, knowing full well he’ll never quite fit into this conversation on the same level as us, he will leave, in search of conversations about Future Wheel’s website that were not before his time. We on the other hand, will look at each other with a very self satisfied sense of smugness, Because we know about something that only a handful of people in the world know about.

And for those of you who were unfortunately to late for the joke, I understand how upon reading this you might be left saying “What about me? what good can I take from this situation?” Fear not, for if you ever find yourself bored of life because you have experienced all there is to experience in this world. Now you will always have this to try and be a part of, I suggest trying to invent time travel so that you can go back to the time of the websites creation, thus being fully aware of the joke. Or a machine that can transport memories from one head to another, it’s up to you.

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